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Do you want the freedom of self-employment without the headaches? Then a home cleaning franchise may be perfect for you.

It’s a low-risk investment and the returns can be as great as you want, depending on the hours you work and the hard grunt you put in.

Let’s face it, homes don’t clean themselves and as more and more families look to outsource the chores in order to spend quality time together, business is booming.

In fact, it is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia and buying a franchise means to get to enjoy the advantages of running your own small business, without the stress.

So what are the advantages of running a Home Cleaning franchise?

The advantages of owning a Home Service Professionals franchise are:

  • Exclusive large territory
  • Low investment
  • Marketing is handled by the company
  • Training in both small business management and cleaning techniques
  • Regular business
  • Steady cash flow
  • Minimum ongoing costs and administration requirements
  • Equipment, chemicals, and cleaning supplied at discounted rates
  • Uniforms and stationery
  • Operations manual
  • Flexible hours
  • Run your business from home
  • Backup support during sickness and holidays

Our integrity is our guarantee that your success is our main concern.

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What other benefits are there to running a Home Cleaning franchise?

  • Be self-employed without the high risk of starting a business yourself
  • Assistance from the company to help you become successful quickly
  • Guaranteed income
  • Access to tried and proven systems, training, business advice, advertising, product discounts and a network of franchisees
  • A brand name that can be marketed over a greater area than if you were doing it yourself

Operate a home-based business

Teamwork Approach

  • The greatest benefit franchising offers is that it can command the same market recognition and economies of scale as the larger competitors.
  • You are able to work independently but you are also a part of the team of Home Service Professionals and its franchisees


  • Fully supervised training in the field with real customers
  • Training encompassing preparation, procedures and systems necessary to develop, manage and operate your franchise
  • Ongoing training and assistance with administration work
  • Assist with recruitment and training of future Licensees
  • Identify and fix problem areas before they get out of hand

Marketing and Advertising

  • We advertise through the yellow pages and online
  • Home Service Professionals website
  • Advertisements in the local suburban newspapers
  •  We use a 1300 number and quotes are either provided immediately or a time is organised to quote. We achieve a very high percentage of bookings from the calls, e-mails and faxes received
  • Once customers become regular, they can contact you directly on your mobile
  • We have relationships with Real Estate Agencies and Government Agencies with a regular flow of business for bond/exit cleans


  • The territory you purchase is exclusive
  • If work comes in that you are unable to cover, it will be offered to another franchisee with your approval
  • When you are fully booked, it could be possible for you to sell off a portion of your area and customers to a new franchise. This will allow you to recoup some of your capital investment

Click here to see what established franchises are for sale, or please contact us if you want to set up a franchise in your area.

Working Hours

  • Generally, for house and carpet cleaning you will work during the day, on weekdays
  • A single operator would usually clean 3 houses a day
  • You are the boss and you decide the number of hours you want to work to achieve the balance between work and family that is right for you
  • Couples/Partnerships can do 4-5 houses a day

To be a successful  home cleaning franchisee, you need:

  • Passion to build a successful business
  • Motivation, enthusiasm, and determination
  • A demonstrated commitment to excellence
  • An eye for detail
  • High personal standards
  • To be able to perform physical work
  • A skill at building relationships

Franchisee Managers

Franchisee Managers are Franchisees who want to build a bigger business by managing others. Licensed Independent Contractors are allocated to the Franchisee Manager to train and supervise. The Franchisee Manager receives compensation for doing this.

Still have questions? Check out our Franchise FAQ below for answers to frequently asked questions about becoming a Franchisee

Franchise FAQ

Why should I consider Home Service Professionals as my house cleaning franchise?

We have had 17 years of proven results in building successful franchisees, in which 90% stay with us. Those that sell do so for a variety of reasons such as relocating, retiring, or a change of circumstance.

Our franchisees are able to run a home-based business that suits their lifestyle. It’s the best way to own a small business, without the headaches.

Our success depends on our franchisees success, so we pay attention to their needs and help them understand and appreciate the home service industry.

What term is your Franchisee Agreement?

The initial term runs for 10 years, and once the agreement is renewed the period becomes unending. We believe 10 years gives you sufficient time to know where your business is going and allows you time to build your business, without the stress of the agreement ending prematurely.

How do I know the franchise will work?

You have the support of our established business marketing, practices and procedures, which we know will work well. Our strength comes from very strong communication between franchisee and franchisor. Between us and our franchisees, there are no secrets.

Where do my customers come from?

We have in place established and fruitful marketing strategies, including our website and Yellow Pages that continue to supply new customers to all-out franchisees. You can work from your home, secure in the knowledge that we are driving business to your door.

What about training?

We place a lot of emphasis on our training process, in fact, we pay you for the first 2 weeks. That allows you to concentrate on the skill level of your business straight away. After the initial period of training, future learning is ongoing, allowing you to increase your skill level.

Is a house cleaning franchise a worthwhile industry?

Absolutely, don’t let anyone suggest that “cleaning is just cleaning”. That is far from it. It is a very large industry with many facets. In addition, you will learn valuable business skills.

How many hours do I need to work per week?

The choice is yours, however when you desire to build a business your passion will drive you. First of all, we work daytime hours, Monday to Friday, giving you a normal work-life balance. The dollars you earn is up to you and your target. We will introduce to you our concept and show you how to increase your future earnings.

Does it matter where I live?

Yes, it does. Currently, we are an active house cleaning in the Greater Adelaide Metro area, Country SA, and also in NSW.

However, if you are outside of these active areas let us know and we will consider your situation.

If you want to know more, just complete our simple franchise enquiry form and we will forward to you further information

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