Home Cleaning Services FAQs


What Home Cleaning Services do you offer?

We concentrate on quality home cleaning, window and carpet cleaning. After all, it is what we do best. We recognize that you are inviting us into your home, so we treat it with respect at all times.

How can I be sure of my security?

All our domestic house cleaners are Franchisees/Licensees and are fully police-checked, insured and trained to a high standard.

We also ensure where possible that you get the same cleaner every time and we code your keys so no-one except your cleaner knows the address they belong to.

Do I need to sign a Home Cleaning contract?

No! We believe in the old fashion idea of a handshake is your word.

What Cleaning Products will you use in my home?

We primarily use orange (citrus) based products, that are suitable for most cleaning jobs and are non-toxic for your family and our cleaners.

Do you do washing, dishes, ironing, make beds etc?

No, sorry. Those items fall into the housekeeping category. Our sole work is professional home cleaning.

What Cleaning Services do you provide?

Our goal is to ensure your whole house can be maintained through our cleaning. We provide – regular cleaning, spring cleaning, window cleaning, oven cleaning, carpet cleaning (wet or dry) and exterior house cleaning.
We expect our franchisees to provide quality cleaning each and every time.

What if a Cleaning job is not up to standard?

We live by the slogan, “Our Emphasis is on Quality” but we know that sometimes being human means making mistakes.
We guarantee our workmanship, however, and should you have a problem with your clean, we will fix it, free of charge.

Do we have reliable continual service with the same cleaner(s)?

When your cleaner(s) go on holidays or is not well, you can choose whether you want to miss a clean or that you want your franchisee to find a short-term replacement. In all cases the relief cleaner is a trained franchisee or licensee.

Are your House Cleaners trained?

To the highest standard. At Home Service Professionals we always expect professionalism, honesty and quality of our Franchisees and Licensees.

What is the difference between a Franchisee and a Licensee?

A franchisee owns the business it builds and operates and a licensee is self-employed cleaner who is attached to a Franchise. Both are fully trained.

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