5 Things to Consider in End of Lease Cleaning



Get your Bond Back- 5 Things to Consider in End of Lease Cleaning

Moving out from a rental property can be one of the most stressful jobs as you are liable for everything from shifting all the furniture and other items, to cleaning the entire apartment. If you want to secure your bond money, you must make sure that the property is “returned” to its “original form”, since you moved in.

Have you caused any damages to the property? Is it as clean as the day you moved in?

Here are the few elements you need to consider for End of lease cleaning.

Deep Cleaning is Crucial

When you are at the end of your lease, house cleaning is a priority! Remove all the loose dirt, hair dangles, muddy footprints and other dry dust from your floors, carpets, and furniture. Make sure you vacuum all the corners of your surface because most of the dirt lies in these areas.

Before you leave, ensure that your bathroom is properly cleaned. Make sure that all the taps, basin, shower glass and toilet seat are clean and in proper conditions. Do not forget to change the bed sheets and pillow covers before leaving the rental property. Replace the dirt bed linens with a clean one and vacuum your mattress to grab all the dirt granules.

If you find you have limited time to do all these activities, hiring a professional cleaner can save you time and money as cleaning products are already provided in the service at a higher productivity rate.

Take Care of Small Fixtures and Fittings

During an end-of-lease clean, small fixtures and fittings such as light switches, ceiling fans, and light bulbs are commonly missed. Pay close attention to these and fix them, ensuring all are in good working order. Additionally, removing stubborn stains can help you take care of some “smaller” issues on your own. It’s the renter’s responsibility to keep the rental premises clean and fixed, as well as to pay for any damages caused.

Bring in the Professionals

Before moving out of your rental property, it is very important that you get a bond cleaning done by a reputed company who have professional and experienced cleaners. They will know exactly what the property owner or manager is looking for in a bond clean. It may sound easy at first, but a bond cleaning requires a lot of hard work to be done and should not be underestimated since your rental home will be judged by your real estate property manager. Consider hiring a bond cleaner who will save you a lot of time and money, ensuring that you get your bond money back.

Return all Keys and Household Items

After you have vacated the apartment, you will be expected to provide all of the keys you were initially given and any other items such as garage remote controls and doorbell functionalities by an agreed upon time. If you are unable to return all the keys, then you may incur the cost of not only replacing those keys or items but may also incur costs towards replacing the locks. Besides, missing keys may be a sign that someone has either mistakenly kept or misplaced it, or even purpose kept it. So it is better to be upfront with the landlord to avoid any suspicions.

Attend the Final Inspection

Ensure to attend the final inspection of the property when your landlord or property manager comes. If you find that there are things that need to be cleaned or damages that need to be discussed, particularly things you may have missed or not have thought about, you can try and resolve the issue straight away. This may be through doing some extra cleaning on the day, or it could be by discussing possible repairs and an outcome.

If you are planning to do the bond cleaning of your house and want to keep yourself away from all this hassle, then give us a call on 1300 308 408 and we will make sure that your bond cleaning is handled by professional domestic cleaners in Adelaide who know what they are doing! Enquire for your free quote here.



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