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5 Ways to Keep up with house cleaning resolution

The new year is well upon us and it's likely you have a list of New Year's resolutions to achieve this year.

Most New Years resolutions involve being more organised and making a fresh start, so having a goal to keep the house clean and tidy is common.

However, New Year's resolutions are notorious for failing, especially when you don’t have a plan of action. Here’s where we can help. We have compiled a list of simple tips to help you achieve your house cleaning resolutions all year round.

1. Make your bed every morning

Making your bed each morning may sound like a very basic tip. However, this simple tip can make all the difference to your morning and how productive you feel for the rest of the day. Keeping your bed messy creates a habit of letting your entire bedroom get messy.

A neat bed makes your entire room look tidier, overall. It also encourages you to keep up with a tidy space, like keeping things off of the floor or avoiding a bunch of clothes to pile up on your bed.

It is said that simple organisational tips really do make a psychological difference to how you treat the rest of your house cleaning.

2. Keep a checklist on the fridge

A great way to keep up with the general daily and weekly cleaning is to keep a list of chores on the fridge. Keeping your list on the fridge gives you a constant reminder of how to stay on top of the cleaning.

This ensures that you don’t fall behind throughout the year, that you don’t forget to clean certain areas, and that your house looks spotless after each clean.

3. Encourage the whole family to get involved

As well as creating a checklist of chores, it’s beneficial to get the whole family, or household, involved with the cleaning. This decreases the burden of just one household member is responsible for cleaning the entire house. It also makes it easier to stay on top of the cleaning.

This method will only work if each member of the household is responsible for their own cleaning chores. To encourage everyone to pitch in, consider agreeing on rewards or punishments. For example, rewards are a great way to get the kids involved in the cleaning. Rewards can include a snack, chocolate or lolly, some pocket money, or simply getting to choose what the family watches on TV or what they eat for dinner that night. Punishments work well for people living with housemates. This can include creating a money jar, where the housemate has to put their money if they don’t get a chore done.

4. Stock your bins with multiple liners

A simple way to make your cleaning duties quicker and easier to keep up with is to line your bins with multiple bin liners. This saves time and effort each time you empty your rubbish bins.

5. Do seasonal cleans

As well as cleaning the house daily or weekly, it’s useful to organise big seasonal cleans, at least four times a year. This gives you the chance to catch up on cleaning if you have fallen behind throughout the year. Therefore, it lets you continue to achieve your house cleaning resolutions.

Major seasonal cleans should be thorough and should touch base on the entire house.

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