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End of lease cleaning - DIY vs professional cleaners

House cleaning is a challenging chore. Some treat it as a punishment. Some people treat it as a project. Some treat it as a hobby. Others consider it as a source of income.

If you enjoy house cleaning as much as your grandma did when she was younger or back when the only way to keep a home is to wash off every time or sweep off morning, noon and night because no one is going to do it for you, then you are all set to do a DIY cleaning.

If you are the type who schedules house cleaning by room and then forgets about it because the simple thought of doing so is already exhausting, then you are better off, hiring professional house cleaners.

End of lease cleaning is when you prepare the rental space you've called home for a period for the next leasee. It is the must-do end of lease goal that you cannot put on hold because recovering your bond relies heavily on the state of the leased home upon turnover.

Now the question is, do you DIY or hire professionals to do it?

DIY end of lease cleaning is ideal if the leased space is small and you have consistent cleaning habits that have kept your temporary home in pristine condition during your stay.


  • De-stress friendly, take your mind off the worries of moving out with cleaning.
  • Get to know the parts of the house that accumulates too much dirt, and learn what not do in your next home.
  • Master your cleaning skills in no time.
  • Last minute bonding and proper goodbye for your old space.
  • Saves you money.


  • Crazy shopping list of cleaning tools and supplies.
  • Tedious home cleaning research you need to undertake if it’s your first time to do a major cleaning.
  • Can take longer than expected depending on your house cleaning skills and expertise and the number of people helping out in the cleaning.
  • You might end up not cleaning the home properly thinking you are already leaving.

Hiring professional house cleaners is a must for bigger spaces. It's also ideal for those who simply cannot stand cleaning all parts of the home, and those who need more time packing or those who want to get their bond in full.

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  • More time to pack especially when you are running out of time.
  • They come equipped with proper tools and supplies.
  • They offer custom cleaning packages.
  • They come in heavy with a productive workforce.
  • They are trained to implement green cleaning procedures.
  • They take on projects with full liability insurance, you are safe should something happen during the process.
  • Fast and convenient.


  • Allowing strangers in your private space.
  • More expensive than DIY
  • Lack of consistency, in how you clean your space because they have their own way.
  • Inexperienced staff might lead to damage of valuable goods.

The benefits of hiring professional cleaners outweigh its cons. When you get professionals to do the end of lease cleaning, you are not paying for luxury. You are paying for convenience. You are paying for your time back, so you can focus on what is more important during your moving out process.

To avoid incurring loss and damages during your end of lease cleaning, contact Home Service Professionals on 1300 308 408. They have experienced and trained professional cleaners for every home.

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