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How to DIY clean your windows like a pro

Often, when you’re doing your house cleaning, windows are the first thing to get neglected.

We get it – cleaning every inch of the house can be overwhelming. However, sparkling windows are just as important in keeping a home looking its best, as a freshly mopped kitchen floor or a vacuumed living room carpet. When the windows are clean and fresh, you noticed a big difference. While professional cleaning services can take care of the big jobs for you, it’s helpful to know some tips and tricks about how to DIY clean your windows like a pro.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Squeegee
  • Scrubber or rag towel
  • Bucket
  • Detergent
  • Microfibre rag
  • Broom
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Ladder

Remove Cobwebs

Before we get to scrubbing the glass itself, let’s focus on getting rid of cobwebs and any other dirt we can easily remove first. Cobwebs are likely to appear on both the outside and insides of your windows if you haven’t cleaned them in a while. The best way to handle cobwebs is to use either a broom or a vacuum cleaner.

Squeegee is a Window Cleaner’s Best Friend

Next, it’s time to scrub the window exteriors. As we approach the warmer months, this is the perfect time to do so. There’s no doubt that the winter rain and wind made the windows filthy. Not to mention that cleaning your windows lets more light into the house, which is perfect for the brighter, sunny months ahead.

Start by filling a bucket with cold water and adding your choice of detergent to form a soapy solution. Rather than using hot water, cold water doesn’t evaporate as quickly and therefore, gives you more cleaning time.

Next is where your squeegee comes in handy. You’ll often hear that squeegees are a window cleaner’s best friend. That’s because squeegees make it so easy and effective to get your windows sparkling clean. To scrub the grime off, attach either a scrubber or an old cleaning rag to the squeegee using rubber bands. Using the detergent and water solution, scrub the windows sufficiently. Work vertically and ensure that each stroke meets the end of the last one, so that you’re cleaning every inch of the window.

cleaning windows lady.jpg

Next, take the scrubber or rag towel off and use the squeegee to wipe down the window. Start by using only the edge of the squeegee to wipe a narrow vertical strip down the edge of the window.

Create one clean horizontal sweep at the top of the window, dab the squeegee on a clean towel to remove dirt and excess water, then continue working your way down the window.

Use a microfibre rag to remove excess water and streaks.

You may need a ladder to reach the top of the window. However, if you need to clean the windows in a double story house, it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional cleaning service.

Don’t Forget the Inside

The outside of the windows is what gets the most filthy, and you’ll notice a massive difference once they’re clean. However, it’s important to tackle the insides of windows as well. Although the job shouldn’t be as hard, a light scrub on the window interiors makes a big difference in how clean the house looks and how much natural lighting gets let into the home.

Squeegees can be used on window interiors as well. However, you can also use a sponge or rag towel if you don’t want to create too much of a mess with excess water.

Vacuum the Ledges

Finally, your window cleaning duties aren’t complete until you wipe down or vacuum the window ledges and frames. Chances are that dust has accumulated in these minor corners of the house, and cleaning this will give it the finishing touches it needs.

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