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What is end of lease cleaning and what does it include?

Moving out of a rental property can be an exhausting and stressful job.

What is supposed to be an exciting time of moving to a new house, can often cause headaches because of the number of belongings and a mess that needs to be cleaned upon moving.

Not only does relocating all of your furniture and belongings take a great deal of time and effort, so does cleaning out the house or apartment so that it is spotless for your landlord and the next tenants to live there.

End-of-lease cleaning isn’t just a matter of spring cleaning. It is often a laborious task, and it’s helpful to have a checklist of problem areas to target. A checklist is also useful to avoid forgetting to clean certain areas of the house, that may otherwise be neglected.

Most tenants decide they need some extra hands to get the job done, whether that may be their friends or a professional cleaning service.

Whether you plan to attempt a DIY end-of-lease clean, or you’re interested to know how professionals get the job done, here is a checklist to follow to ensure you don’t miss a spot when cleaning the house.

Stain Removal

Stain removal can occur in a number of places around the house. However, it’s especially important to target stains that may be on the curtains, blinds and carpet.

Windows are often a focal point in a home, as they light up the rooms with natural light. So, targeting stains on curtains and blinds is important in creating an attractive home.

Removing stains from carpets can often make the entire room look cleaner and neater, and can also make the carpet look good as new. A simple DIY method is to use a bicarb soda and water solution.

For more details about cleaning the stubborn carpet stains, follow these expert tips.

Kitchen Cleaning and Maintenance

The kitchen often requires the most cleaning maintenance. That’s because it’s the room where people create the most mess. The kitchen is likely to have a buildup of grease in spots that don’t regularly get cleaned. This includes the stove top and appliances.

Make sure you target every corner and edge of bench tops and cupboards and remember to leave the sweeping and mopping till last.

Refrigerator, Dishwasher and Oven

Included in kitchen cleaning is major appliance maintenance such as the refrigerator, dishwasher and oven.

Cleaning out the refrigerator should be a task over a number of days to avoid wasting food. Cleaning out all three household appliances usually involves letting a cleaning solution sit for a couple of hours. This is especially relevant for ovens, which need hours to remove the build-up of grease.

Bathroom, Toilets and Laundry Room

Not only does cleaning the bathroom, toilets and laundry room involve cleaning bench tops and floors, it also involves giving showers and toilets a thorough scrub.

Using a shower scrubber brush will remove mould, especially in the corners of the shower floor and edges of the shower walls and door, that doesn’t often get thoroughly cleaned. Removing mould is also important in removing odours.

Cleaning these rooms is not complete without an odour removing spray.

Window Cleaning

It’s important not to neglect window cleaning, especially in the summer months.

Windows let in the natural light, and you’d be surprised at how much light they are suppressing when they are not properly cleaned.

This involves cleaning the interior and exterior of the windows to remove the buildup of dirt and dust, including the window ledge.

A pro tip is to use a microfibre cloth to remove streaks and make the windows sparkle.

Cobweb Removal

Cobweb Cleaning is especially relevant for rooms that don’t get used very often. Removing cobwebs don’t usually take too long, and often just involves double checking that every room has been targeted.

Remove all Rubbish and Garbage

You’re likely to be using the bins throughout this end-of-lease clean to get rid of rubbish along the way. The final step of end-of-lease cleaning is removing this rubbish into the outside bins. This also leaves a great lasting impression on your landlords.

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