Fortnightly Cleaning or Once Off Cleaning?


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Fortnightly Cleaning or Once Off Cleaning? What’s Best For You?

Who doesn’t dream of living in a tidy home? Many times, due to our busy lifestyles, it can get difficult to fit in the time for regular cleaning and deep cleaning. Under such situations, it is practical and time-efficient to hire a professional cleaning service to take care of the fortnightly house cleaning for you. So what are the benefits of hiring a house cleaning service for fortnightly house cleaning versus once off/ irregular cleaning?

Here are 3 advantages of hiring a fortnightly house cleaning service:

1. Allergy Prevention

A hygienic and toxin-free environment is a must for the well being of the family members living under your roof. Periodic vacuuming and mopping are crucial to avoid dust mites, pet dander and pollen. This is especially important if you have family members who are more prone to allergies. Expert house cleaning services do a professional job of cleaning all the nooks and corners of the house where germs may breed. This will lead to a positive home environment, which is allergy-free. To keep your home consistently allergy-free, it’s best practice to hire a professional cleaning service for a fortnightly house cleaning or DIY.

2. Physical Health

Fortnightly house cleaning is a necessity for a healthy living situation. Clean hands are your best barriers against common illnesses such as the common cold, but the rule also extends to keeping your home regularly clean. Surfaces such as doorknobs, taps, keyboards, and other forgotten areas are vulnerable to contamination. Wipe them down regularly with antibacterial wipes to reduce the chances of anyone falling sick.

3. Property Inspections

Some situations may garner the need for hiring a once-off professional clean, such as an end-of-lease cleaning service. At the end of a tenancy, courtesy demands that the house should be left orderly and hygienic. This will also help you to get a full refund of the bond amount. However, it is also a good idea to be prepared for regular inspections facilitated by property managers. This is where it comes in handy to have a regular, fortnightly, or weekly house cleaning.

For some cleaning situations, it does make sense to hire a once-off house cleaning service. For situations such as end-of-lease cleaning and deep cleaning, it is sensible to carry out these services once to three times a year. Once-off professional house cleaning services can even come in handy when organising a big event such as a birthday or Christmas party where you will have a lot of guests visiting your home.

To assist with your home cleaning needs, Home Service Professionals offers house, window, carpet, once-off and end of lease cleaning services to areas in Adelaide, Gosford, and surrounding suburbs.

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