Pro Home Cleaning vs. DIY



Pro Home Cleaning vs. DIY

Are you contemplating whether it’s worth paying a professional to do the cleaning? Does the sound of coming home to a spotless house after a long day of work sound tempting to you?

The truth is, most working parents are too busy to give their house the thorough clean that it needs, and they’d rather be spending their free time relaxing with their families instead.

However, before weighing up some benefits of paying someone else to do the job, let’s considered a third option. That is, splitting the cleaning duties between a professional home cleaning service and a DIY technique.

Firstly, let’s look at what you can do. 

Some things should be cleaned daily, and these are the small tasks that you can take care of. This includes giving the floors a quick sweep or vacuum, emptying the rubbish bin, and wiping down the bench and table after dinner. However, bigger cleaning duties require more time, energy and diligence. And that’s where the professionals step in to make your life a little bit easier. 

Carpet Cleaning 

While it’s important to vacuum your carpets daily to remove visible dirt, professional carpet cleaning is recommended for a deeper clean. Professional carpet cleaning services vacuum the floor, before spot cleaning and using an extraction cleaning method to remove the dirt hidden in between the fibres. Although it’s essential to spot clean any spills immediately, the professionals go over any stains, no matter how faint they already are, to ensure the carpet is one, perfect, stain free colour.

It’s recommended that you get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year, however, it should be much more frequent if you have children or pets. It’s especially important to keep your carpet clean for the kids, as the dirt in its fibres can translate into dust and germs in the air of the room.

Upholstery Cleaning 

When DIY cleaning, you’re probably only considering the basics – sweeping the floors, dusting the shelves and spraying the room with some air freshener. But what about the furniture you sit on? Professional cleaning services offer upholstery cleaning to ensure your lounge is clean enough to get comfy in. 

Window Cleaning

Let’s face it – you never get a chance to clean the exteriors of your windows. Besides, if you live in a double story house, how are you expected to reach them? Professional window cleaners are trained and have the equipment to clean the places you can’t reach. Polished windows perfect the exterior of your house, which is especially great to impress your guests.

Fancy Extras

Professional cleaners also cover any other spots that you’d most likely miss when doing the regular DIY cleaning. Perhaps you don’t ever consider cleaning these extra spots or you simply don’t have the time to.

For example, we use our bathroom fans daily, but how often do we go around to cleaning them out? It’s important to vacuum the bathroom vents to remove the dust from blowing around the room each time the fan is switched on.

Some more examples of extra cleaning duties that often get neglected are the oven door, and the microwave and fridge insides.

Professional cleaning services don’t neglect these extras. It’s their job not to and they have the spare time that you don’t have to clean them.

With that being said, many people notice the benefits of hiring a professional to do their house cleaning.


Firstly, it’s very convenient, especially for busy, working parents. Relying on someone else to do the job for you means you can come home from work to a spotless house and spare your spare time relaxing, rather than stressing about extra housework.

It also saves time. What may take you a day of cleaning (if you’re trying to get every spot), will only take your cleaner a couple of hours. They’re experts and can generally do the job much quicker.

Guaranteed Spotless 

Cleaners are also guaranteed to do a thorough job. After all, a cleaning service wouldn’t be very reputable if they didn’t do their jobs well! As mentioned above, professional cleaners hit areas that you may otherwise have neglected – they’ll clean every inch of the areas agreed upon.

The motivation for you to keep up

Most people say that their professional cleaner motivates them to keep their house tidy. It gives them that extra push to make sure the house is de-cluttered so nothing’s in the way for the major cleaning duties.

A regular, proper clean also makes it much easier to keep the house clean on a daily basis. This may not be the case if you rely on DIY cleaning and fall behind because you’re too busy to keep up with it.

Is money a Concern?

 Lastly, we understand that you’re considering the costs involved in hiring someone to clean. Remember that the money you’re spending on a professional cleaner is actually the money you’re saving on cleaning products and equipment. So, with that in mind, it’s now up to you and your circumstances to weigh up the monetary costs with the reduced amount of stress that comes with hiring a cleaning service.

At Home Service Professionals, we offer house, carpet and window cleaning to areas in Adelaide, Gosford, and surrounding suburbs. We offer a range of packages to suit your needs and price range. Enquire for your free quote here or sign up to receive a 10% discount off on your first weekly or fortnightly clean (conditions apply).



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